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22 August
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Cafe Floré (Robert Capa, 1952)
Rock 'n' Roll (Paul Almasy, 1950)
Place Blanche (Paul Almasy, 1955)
1920s, 1950s, 80's music, amélie, ancient civilizations, androgyny, ansel adams, anthropology, anthropomorphism, aran islands, archaeology, art, art history, autumn, b&w photography, beer, betty paige, billie holiday, biology, bjork, blackadder, blueberries, british accents, britpop, buddhism, celtic art, cinnamon, coffee, collage, composing, computer programming, computers, confederacy of dunces, cooking, corsets, cuban music, cynicism, dancing all night, databases, david bowie, dead can dance, deep house, depeche mode, diego rivera, douglas adams, drum&bass, edward gorey, ella fitzgerald, etymology, europe, evolution, eyes, family, film noir, foreign films, foreign languages, forensic science, fountain pens, french, frida kahlo, gabriel garcia marquez, galway, gargoyles, genealogy, genetics, georges seurat, greece, greek food, guinness, h.r.giger, harpsichord, henry rollins, herbs, hiking, history, improv, incense, independent bookstores, indian food, integrity, ireland, irony, italian, j.d.salinger, jazz, jeff buckley, kayaking, kiyoshi kurosawa, kruder and dorfmeister, late night ramblings, laughter, learning, lefthanded, letter writing, linguistics, listening, london, madtv, making lists, making up words, medieval history, mexico, montreal, monty python, mordecai richler, museums, mystery novels, navels, neil gaiman, new orleans, norwegian elkhounds, oscar wilde, postcards, pre-raphaelites, procrastination, psychology, radiohead, rain, reading, red hair, red wine, renaissance, road trips, rufus wainright, sangria, sarcasm, scotland, shakespeare, skiing, sociology, spanish, stereophonics, surrealism, swimming, swing, tangents, tattoos, techno, thai, the cure, the ocean, theatre, tori amos, travel, triphop, trying new things, victorian era, walking, words

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